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3 Different Types of Plants / 90-Day Cultivating Experience

Stage 1 - Kick Start with Wheatgrass in 7 days (Potti Elementary)

Start with 1 fish to establish the cycle (Harvest twice)

Stage 2 - Your Herb Garden in 30 days (Potti Intermediate)

More fishes can be introduced, and can decorated your tank (Pro-long harvest)

Stage 3 - Green Salad in 45 days (Potti Advanced)

Other species can be introduced, like shrimp, water grass, etc (Harvest 2 - 3 times)

Stage 4 - Choose Your Own Plant (Potti Expert)

Seasonal plants, fruits, flowers, etc Also, possible water tank landscape

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Important Notes

Changing Water is Not Necessary

Your Potti is an eco-system where fish eat and produce ammonia, beneficial bacteria convert ammonia into nutrients, plants absorb the natural fertilizer and water is continuously recirculated throughout the system.

Water Stabilizer is Not Necessary

As stated at your Potti User’s Guide, never use tap water direct to the tank, follow the feeding instructions. Water quality will be stabilised within 2-3 weeks.

Start with One Fish

The beneficial bacteria need 2-3 weeks to cultivate, please follow the “one fish/feed twice” instruction to let the eco-system develop.

Do Not Use Water Grass Soil

Most water grass soil contains synthetic compound, may affect your aquaponic eco-system and water quality during the early stage. Should only introduce after water quality is stabled if desired.

Growing Medium Should be Replaced Every 4-Month

The growing medium also works as a water filter, should be replaced every 4-month in order to maintain water quality and healthy roots.

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5-star Reviews from Our Customers

Great product and services

I had a small issue with the water flow and was able to fix it with instruction sent from the potti team. They were very quick in responding and very clear on how to deal with it. My daughter enjoyed it very much and we are looking forward to our first harvest!


Excellent after-sales services

Got my potti for over half a year, it's fun, practical and super easy go manage. Besides, all questions n queries got immediate attention from the support team and their feed backs are useful n professional! 🌷

Polly Chung

Great customer service!

Prompt, helpful and friendly customer service! Thanks!!!

Philip Heung


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